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Talking Looking for soothing new age/world music

I have listened to Enya and Secret Garden for many, many years now. I love to listen to it as I relax or fall asleep at night. But I would like to branch out and find some new songs/artist to listen to as well. I have listened to Loreena McKennitt but did not care for her at all. I know she is very popular and I'm not here to offend anyone but I thought her voice was too high pitched to be soothing/ambient.
Some of the other's I've listen to lately is 2002 and Cusco. I love their style of music as well.
Any suggestions of artist that I should take a listen to would be greatly appreciated.
Also are there any websites that you can download new artists and stuff for free (legally)? I love listening to new musicians but can't seem to google any sites for some reason.
Thanks for your time.

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