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Default Crowquills Mod status.

I've discussed this with Ethan already. He's giving me the ok to make this thread.

I really think Crowquills status as a moderator should be called into question.

I may not display model behavior myself a lot of times. But I am not a mod, nor am I qualified to be one nor should I ever be one.

My beef here is, I don't see how Crowquill is qualified in anyway.

You can say "oh no, he does a nice job, when someone posts something very offensive or obscene, he deletes it, as well as any threads that should be deleted". But thats only part of what the qualifications for being a mod should be. Theres an example that should be made as well. And I don't see Ethan making any real positive example.

I get into many arguments, its only expected for someone like myself. But I do my best to use facts to back my claims. I think its something that should be required of anyone who insists in getting into big arguments. Thing is, I have almost never seen an example of Ethan doing this, and for someone like him who does nothing but get into big arguments, that is a problem. For a mod, he argues with the same attitude and approach of the average n00b, to some extent even that of a troll. Mods should display some kind of maturity. Something I never see Ethan doing. He makes a bad example. And if I didn't know any better, the reason there are so many bad apples here starting lame arguments and without trying to express their opinions in an acceptible way and without any kind of validation to back them up, its because they see guys like Ethan and think, "If a mod can act this way, why can't I?"

I also see a double standard in what is considered name calling, this is a guy who called me a fascist because I support the war in Iraq. I fail to understand how the admins can call this acceptible behavior for a moderator.

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