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Originally Posted by Music Man View Post
Actually, the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution defends Nugent's right to say what he did.

P.S.--I personally think Nugent is a dork and his tirade was uncalled for. However, there's still such a thing as free speech.

At what point did I say Nugent didn't have a right to make the statements he did?
You're first comment is completely uneccessary. I never argued that he should be punished for saying it.

It is hypocritical that Sean Hannity and Ted Nugent (a frequent guest of the Sean Hannity Show) denounce hate speech, but when Nugent made these comments, Sean Hannity refused to come out and denounce them. It is disgusting of him to defend what Nugent said. It isn't disgusting to argue that Nugent had every right to say it, but to defend the content of what he said is disgusting.
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