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Time for my $3.50.
I grew up on country, luckily I've recovered. There really is some EXCELLENT music associated with country. Hank Williams was one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Country has gone downhill over the last 20 years because of marketing. Nashville even turned its back on Johnny Cash until he kicked them in the teeth with his American recordings (which are some of the greatest moments in American music ever, seriously). Like with any genre there's good and bad. Most popular country isn't really very country at all IMO. Most of it is simply pre packaged "cookie cutter" same thing over and over again with no real creative or emotional value what-so-ever.
You want real talent in country music?
Chet Atkins
Junior Brown
Hank Williams
Patsy Cline
Kris Kristofferson

Just to name a few.

I play country music in a band, it's incredibly boring.
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