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Default Followed By 37 Seconds of Happiness

Indie Screamo.... if that's even possibly, they trans. from screamo to something more like indie emo in their songs so it's hard for me to pin down. Anyway, it's good old Swedish emo/screamo for you and I'm really digging it, I need to have more days in which I find about 3 or so really good emo bands because this morning has been spectacular. Anywho, they have a 7" out on these 3 labels- Ape must not kill ape/Blessed Hands/Comisnotwords and if someone could find it then I would really love them. It's kinda like Kidcrash meets Angora Static, so yeah, check it out: - Followed by 37 seconds of happiness - Sthlm/Söderhamn - Screamo / Hardcore -

Death of Oceans is probably the best song on their page.
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