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I hate cigarettes. My grandmother has althiemerz(yes I spelled it wrong), so my family had to move in with her because she can't take care of herself, so I now have to live in a house where everyone in it has been smoking for over 20 years and hasn't done anything to stop the smell. The whole house smells like cigarettes and the walls are yellow, some black. I hate the fact that whenever I breathe I risk the chance of getting lung cancer. They never opened the windows either. I just stay in my room most of the time i'm here, cause we recently painted it and put one of those air purifiers in it to get rid of the smell. Also, my grandmother never washes her hands(EVER), or showers, which is f*cking disgusting as well, dude, she picks up dog sh*t outside when the dog poops and doesn't wash her hands after. It's ****ing nasty. I keep buying disinfectant every few weeks because i'm scared to touch anything.

I also hate most bugs, especially butterflys and moths, I don't know, the wings just bug me, i'm getting freaked out just typing this, haha.

and finally,
I suggest none of you go there.
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