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Originally Posted by MURDER JUNKIE View Post
"Back in the 60's I did not do a whole lot because I was merely a gleam in my fathers eye. I personally thought that if I could make my way out of my father's nutsack and penetrate my mother's uterus that I could have been born sooner. I wanted to be a firetruck and just within the past few years I realized that this is no longer possible. I would miss growing up if I ever learned to do so.
Now, however, I live life amongst the rest of the rancid mouth breathers. I personally think there are way to many people breathing up all of my good air. I am a reluctant member of the global village and think that we may need to thin the herd a la deer season. I miss growing up ignorant"

Is this what you had in mind???
If you are around 33, then you were a teen in the 80's >_>...

I just gave the 60's as an example.
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