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Default emobandsthing pt. 2

I really liked the first one of these and I really don't like when this forum is lame which currently it is.

Street Smart Cyclist


So at the turn of the century midwest emo crawled inside of Pennsylvania because omg they have such and awesome indiemo scene. Most notably the mofos of Street Smart Cyclist. Their 7" is pimp. All 3 songs are on myspace. They're energetic and catchy and nicely written songs.

The Bitmap Workshop


They're clean toned, intricate and progressive. THEY ARE THE ANSWER TO A DAY IN BLACK IN WHITE SUCKING. Seriously this stuff is so beautiful. Their from Turkey so obviously that means that they use to be Noisy Sins of the Insect and this completely blows away everything th NSI did.

Meet Me In St. Louis


Poppy and post-hardcorey but you know with some fucking diginity. They're from the UK and ineviditably better than Avast! by a long damn ways. And they're on Denovali. What more could you want?

Eagle Bravo

You know you saw the pretentious 90s band coming. They were from central NC and made up of 3 members from Rights Reserved. They're a whole lot more laid back than Rights Reserved. I love 90s southeast hardcore!

Peter Craig

This is one half the Jersey indiemo band Algernon Cadawallader. This is intense. This is the end of my first post in the emobandsthing. pt. 2!!!!!!!!!

This is isn't sparta =/


this is a thank you for reading!!!!!!!
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