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Originally Posted by bardonodude View Post
yea this forum has become pretty stagnant (probably because the sharing thread is gone haha)

Peter & Craig are awesome

also 2/3 of D'Amore and 2/4 of Fall on Deaf Years and 1/4 of Towers haha.

meh I don't really like D'Amore or Towers. I didn't know they were in Fall on Deaf Years though.

Originally Posted by weleasewoger72 View Post
Meet Me In St.Louis is everything that is wrong with the UK scene. So Boring.
Street Smart Cyclist sounds just like Braid to me - which is a good thing.
Eagle Bravo ****ing rule. My one-sided Lp is warped
Peter And Craig are ace. There should be more 2 piece bands like this.
The Bitmap Workshop are amazing. Much better than Noisy Sins....

Found this link on the Bitmap myspazz page.... - thoughts paint the sky - Essen, DE - Screamo / Acoustic / Hardcore -

ACOUSTIC SCREAMO!!!!!!!!! And it's good!
I like shit pop very much. I'm sorry. But you guys do have What Price Wonderland? and Jupiter Lander I've read ways you can unwarp vinyl Used Bin Forever! I trust this guy a lot and I figure you don't really have anything to lose. Nice blog too.
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