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Default Arcade Fire

She parades along these streets with not a penny to her name
her dresses sewn by lovers, blind to the lasses game
and I'm one of a few who seek her at my bedroom door
yes I am one of many, and maybe ten dozen more

She said she'd stop being loyal to all of those old hounds for me,
put to bed those sins of hers and lay to rest her love of money
but I wonder, how long can I wait, sitting patiently with fingers crossed
til she understands the value of those roses through her letterbox?

No word of a return from my bright eyed wonder of a girl
blue skies now mean more to me than they ever have or ever will
Each day that I wake up too late to get anything important done
shall be spent thinking of her, the girl I could have won.

And how does it feel, my love, to be a trophy on a mantlepiece?
For wealthy, idle hands, whose wives are long deceased
I am young and vibrant, I have a fortune yet to earn!
And when that day comes, perhaps then I'll be of your concern.
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