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Okkervil River-Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See.

After hearing a few members singing their praises and a few gentle nudges by Ethan, I relented and thought I would give them a listen even though it's not my most liked genre. I was reccomended BLACK SHEEP BOY but I would rather start with a less favoured album to appreciate the better albums. I was pleasantly surprised. The first thing that enamoured me to it was the production. It is clean and full and seems light on overdubs and effects. Songs like KANSAS CITY and WESTFALL really jump out at you and show a folk dynamic that lacks a maudlin approach that can litter the scene.


An album that still sounds fresh fifteen years after it's release. Spitting in the face of those who accuse Dance music of being empty headed dross, Underworld craft an album full of ambient electronica (Dirty Epic), upbeat dance (Spoonman) and simple guitar laden bliss (tongue). Dare I say a progressive rock band wrapped in Electronica?

Fat Freddys Drop-Based On A True Story

Quite possibly the most chilled reggae albums I have ever heard. This is mainly because it is played with big soul overtones from the smooth vocals and excellent horn work. This will either bore the hell out of you, or lull your senses into a groove laden bliss.

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