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Clinic - Walking with Thee
Like nothing else on the planet John Peel was right when he said Clinic are one of the best bands in the UK and you know his opinion is valid.
Like a modern Velvet underground and the title track is simply intoxicating.
Favourite songs - Walking with Thee, The Equaliser, Come into our room

Ambulance Ltd
3 years on and its still on frequently played on the stereo and at work, Marcus Congleton needs to hurry up with the new album already (i hear John Cale is producing)
Favourite songs - Ophelia, Stay Where you are, Stay Tuned, Sugar Pill, (Primitive) The way I treat you

Sohodolls - Ribbed music for the numb generation
The closest thing I have to a favourite band, I saw them 5 times on their recent UK tour to promote thier debut album. Electro Glam rock has never been this good and Maya Von Doll is a completely mesemerising woman dripping with sex.
Favourite songs - The Rest for the wicked, Right and right again, Bang bang bang bang, No regrets, Prince Harry

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