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Originally Posted by jackhammer View Post
Okkervil River-Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See.

After hearing a few members singing their praises and a few gentle nudges by Ethan, I relented and thought I would give them a listen even though it's not my most liked genre. I was reccomended BLACK SHEEP BOY but I would rather start with a less favoured album to appreciate the better albums. I was pleasantly surprised. The first thing that enamoured me to it was the production. It is clean and full and seems light on overdubs and effects. Songs like KANSAS CITY and WESTFALL really jump out at you and show a folk dynamic that lacks a maudlin approach that can litter the scene.
Glad you liked it, The Stage Names, their most recent one, is on par with it. It's more rock-based I prefer Don't Fall in Love but both are great. Black Sheep Boy owns both and is one of my favorite albums ever, it will blow you away when you hear it. Everything is kicked up a notch, it's one of the most emotive things I've ever heard.
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