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Originally Posted by Crowquill View Post
What are the songs like? If you can describe it at all haha, AC are sick, I got to see them this year.
I assume you're talking about the new AC? Ummm, kinda where SJ left off. Musically its mostly samples. The vocals are what have me the most excited. It seems like more of a team effort between Avey and Panda. There's LOTS of harmonizing which I didn't find to be too prominent in SJ. And Panda is on every song I've heard except one I think. Which is awesome because he's awesome. There's a lot of live mp3's on the Collected Animals board and also some videos on youtube. Songs include: Brother Sport, House (aka Material Things), Grace (my favorite, basically a 3 part song), Song for Ariel, Am I Real? Bearhug. It's gonna be amazing.
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