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Default Beginner looking to get into sax...

Hey guys! As you can see this is my first post on the forum, so I'll try to explain what brought me here.

I've recently (as in about the past two years) really been getting into jam band music. This has started to open my eyes to the world of improv tunes, jazz, blues, funk, psychedelics, and all other kinds of fun stuff. While listening to music is great fun, making it has got to be where it's at!

I used to play the alto saxophone back in my elementary days (from 4th grade til about 8th) and embarrassed to say I never really got into it. I basically stuck with it to do the band as opposed to the chorus or general music option my school required.

Now that I have matured and gained an appreciation for quality tunes I think it may be time to pick it up again. When thinking back I can still remember the basics such as reading easy music (the old FACE and EveryGoodBoyDoesFine trick) and the fingerings that go along with that range (sorry don't know techy terms). For some reason, tho, I kind of want to pick up the tenor sax. I feel like it's got a deeper, more soulful sound that kind of goes along better with my tastes. I very well could be wrong, but this is how I see it now. I contacted a local music rental store and they only rent out only altos. Their pricing is $65 for the first four months and $35 after that. I believe the rental gives you credit towards a new instrument as well.

I'm not sure if I should go with the alto rental, look for a used tenor, or maybe even buy new. I'm a student so my budget is very limited (as in month to month spare change). I kind of remember hearing that the fingerings are the same for the tenor and the alto? Any truth to that?

Some of my buddies are also gonna start playing some instruments. The one kid has some history in the guitar and another one is going to pick up the bass. We'll probably end up jamming together so I'm looking for something that will compliment the sounds of the strings. We'll probably look for a drummer and if we end up being any good maybe dig for a female vocalist? But I'm getting way ahead of myself.

So basically I'm turning to the www and it's fantastic forums. I have always received great advice online for other hobbies, so I'm very excited to hear your suggestions!

Thanks for listening to me ramble.
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