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"Self Portrait (1970)"

An album that from the start Shows a different Dylan. Opening with female vocals harmonizing the same line over and over I actually had to skip All the Tired Horses because it was 2 minutes into it, the same thing the entire time that seemed to steadily build. The sad part is, this song tends to set the mood for the entire album. Boring, country and a step-down from Nashville Country. This is the first Dylan album I've heard that I haven't really loved. I mean, they're good country songs but I've come to expect much more from Dylan than this album delivered. Songs like Days of 49 are enjoyable but they're no Desolation Row. Some of the songs on here are almost shameful, particularly the laid back live version of Like a Rolling Stone. This album is a testament to what happens when an artist no longer sets certain standards for his music. It's a good album but when the majority of the music you've released up to that point has been so much more than good, good isn't something you want to strive for, greatness is.

Funny snippet from an interview I found while researching this:
Interviewer: "The sleeve is I suppose, interesting? But are you a painter Mr.Dylan?"
Bob Dylan: "Yeah I guess you could say that. I paint a lot"
Interviewer: "Do you exhibit too?"
Bob Dylan: "My paintings are always on exhibition"
Interviewer: "Really?"
Bob Dylan: "Yes over the year I painted the entire outside of my house"
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