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Default recommend a festival

I'm interested in hearing about good festivals out there. I'll make a start here:

Ulster American Folk Park Bluegrass and Appalachian Festival every September in Omagh, Ireland. I've been the last two years. It's absolutely brilliant. Fantastic musicians and bands. The folk park consists of rebuilt houses tracing the history of housing in Ireland up to famine times in the mid 1800s and then the history of east coast of America housing from that time up to the early 1900s. The buildings are dotted around a forest, with walking trails between them. During the day musicians perform at the various buildings, most without amplificiation and you can stand really close to them. One can wander around the park from one act to another. Very easy-going and pleasant. At night there is a concert with 3/4 acts in a large marquee - seats about 1,000 I'd guess. Really well run with great sound. Everything going well I'll be back next year.
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