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"New Morning (1970)"

I'm actually surprised to find myself liking this CD. I knew he had some good 70s albums but I always thought they were during the mid/late seventies and I certainly didn't expect a really good one to follow Self Portrait but this album proved that wrong. After reading up so much on Dylan and listening to so much I can safely say this is somewhat of an unsung hero of a release. It's very different from any side of Dylan we've seen prior to this and when listening to this I think that's certainly a good thing.

It's slightly laid back, but not in the almost apathetic way you heard on Self Portrait. It's more laid back in the I'm changing kind of way. This CD is definitely a rootsy release, touching on blues, gospel, jazz and country it's mostly piano driven. Dylan does some things I've never heard before or even expected, particularly "If Dogs Run Free" which reminds me so much of Jack Kerouac, Dylan's beat influences definitely shine through. I know many people haven't heard this album and probably because it came during a rather awkward time during Dylan's career but I strongly suggest you to listen to it. It's not Like a Rolling Stone or even Blowin' in the Wind, it's a new Dylan and he's still got it.

Favorite Lyric: "Winterlude, let's go down to the chapel / Then come back and cook up a meal / Well, come out when the skating rink glistens / By the sun, near the old crossroads sign / The snow is so cold, but our love can be bold / Winterlude, don't be rude, please be mine."
Favorite Songs: Day Of The Locusts, Sign on the Window, Winterlude, If Not For You, Went To See The Gypsy
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