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Originally Posted by Wayfarer View Post
Maybe they felt it wasn't a dud record and didn't care about making as much money as possible off of it! :O

Bet that one didn't occur to you.
Or maybe they were just content at the prospect of 5+ million dollars worth of sales in the first week. Which is just as well, anyway. I'd sure as hell be

On the topic of albums, does anybody reckon Tool will actually make another one? I'm uncertain myself, mostly for reasons already stated. I'm simply not sure where Tool can realistically go from this point. Regardless of what anybody might think of 10,000 Days, the fact is that a lot of actual Tool FANS were disappointed in it in at least some way. As for those who were not disappointed, they'll generally admit at least that it wasn't the record to rival the highs of Lateralus that they'd been hoping for.

Would Tool further risk losing what they've created, or would they rather call it a day and be remembered for the highly regarded albums rather than the 1+ failures to emulate them that came later?

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