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Originally Posted by JSMidd View Post
I say you get the guitar that FEELS the best to your hands for the money you can afford. Avoid going for a cool look - as you grow as a musician, you'll want a different guitar anyway. Go for the one that feels right to your hand, your body style.
JSMidd has got it right. all that matters really is how it feels in your hands. I personally play an Ibanez Artcore. It fits in my hand perfectly and I absolutely love it. My friend plays a Fender Strat. When he first got it he said it just fit right into his hand. Neither of us would rather have the other's instrument for any reason whatsoever. So basically, go around and try a bunch of guitars out to figure out what you like. once you have, look around for something with the same feel that is affordable. If you want something decent quality but not top brand however, you can buy a cheap knockoff and redo all of the electronics in it. No matter what anyone says it'll sound just fine.
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