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Originally Posted by BRËTT ¿M?STËRÍO? View Post
Eminem es mi preferido! maybe him or akon, fity aint so hot now a days, last album was kinda disapointing. 2pac is one of the best too. but i'll have to stick with eminem on this one.
Tupac's dead, so he's automatically off the list (read the thread title). Akon's a gimmick artist, listen to his voice. He's just a trend that will hopefully pass soon. 50's last album was a flop, but he was doin it big up until then. 50 has catchy tunes, but he has shallow, typical rap lyrics "I got shot 9 times, I'm a gangster, I sell rocks, I get bitches, etc." Eminem is definitely up there, but we'll have to see how his new album is when it comes out later this year.
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