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Talking Biffy Clyro: Puzzle

1. Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies
2. Saturday Superhouse
3. Who's Got A Match
4. As Dust Dances/Two Fifteenths
5. Whole Child Ago
6. Conversation Is
7. Now I'm Everyone
8. Semi Mental/Four Fifteenths
9. Love Has A Diameter
10. Get ****ed Stud
11. Folding Stars
12. Nine Fifteenths
13. Machines

Year Formed:1995
Major Label:14th Floor
Prior Label's:Beggers Bonquet,Roadrunner
Band Members: Simon Neil,James Johnston,Ben Johnston
Prior Albums:Infinity Land,The Vertigo Of Bliss,Blackened Sky.

Release Date for Puzzle:2007

Biffy Clyro: Puzzle

From under the noses of the Scottish Music Industry became a band who never say die attitude has earned them a cult faithful that is unparalleled. As prior records speak of mediocrity, there newly sealed album is beyond any past exploits. A record crammed full of emotional songs that emphasize conflict, melodic exploitation and impact. With a free flowing underlining that converts your unsurpassed happiness and opens the valve that holds that tingling emotion. Maybe am sounding very theatrically involved? But this album is something ultimately brilliant, lashed in creativity and flamboyance overlapped by the sense of unity. As I leaped vigoursly into a sea of ever defining musical experimentation, I never imagined such a complete album. Puzzle is awesomely worked, the riff of ultra modern indie incorporated quite wonderfully with the hint of tearful mellow dramatic clichťs. And thatís not a disowning pop at the Scottish contingent, but a definition of the ever growing rock/indie culture.

Biffy Previously never hit the tune of mainstream, they crafted records that never seemed to work, that kept them wandering underground. There inferior lookout offered no consolation to there upbeat personalities, they just wanted to create something that breathed special. Normality was never in there musical vibe, they just lacked that quality to succeed. Puzzle has opened that fresh inventory of ideas; it burned out the cob webs of past records and set a scene, a new road to biffyís dreams.

The intro of Puzzle is large and hostile, it drags you in and takes you on a rollercoaster of future head bashing. Its clean start offers a true motive, a true sense hard craft and superiority. The rollercoaster starts to slow as emotion offers its hand, songs of such graceful status become embroiled and overcome the fast paced grunge, and replace them quite rapidly with sweet mellow gems. Saturday night super house literary blows away the feeling of morning awakening, who needs coffee when you have this blast of energy. A song you could never grow sick of, that seems to be the feeling on every track puzzled together in this record.

Scotland is forging a sustainable reputation in the music circuit, and Biffyís inclusion has produced the gloss cover on the box of tuneful treats. Travis, the Frattelis, the View have showed that Scotlandís not only famous for deep fried marsbars and the animal that treks across the highlands. And our fall from grace has been rekindled with passionate people who just want to perform there brave hearts out.

The harmonic contributions on the record are abiding by the phenomenon of relationships gone as sour as milk on the turn. Composed beautifully as Beethovenís finest work, the tear infused machines is the song that listeners can reflect to. Itís a lyrically immaculate piece with a greatly worked chorus which floods the ears with complete sentiment.

Supringly effective, puzzle is harshly underrated. Its true magic is not fully respected by critics; its involving core is never quite noticed. Maybe itís because Biffy arenít motivated with egotistical beliefs or arrogance, or maybe itís because people wonít try something new! In my opinion Biffy leads the new crop of genuine talent that are sure to make damn good music!! Enough said.

By Mark McConville
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