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Originally Posted by Urban Hatemonger View Post
Rejected him from punk?

What happened was none of the stuff Westwood & McLaren did with him was working & they were dropped from their record label. So he got a new band & started fresh.
McLaren had absolutly zero to do with the Adam & The Ants that became successful.

And I think you'll find Steve Strange had EVERYTHING to do with the start of the new romantics considering anybody who was anybody in that scene came from his Blitz club
urban who writes your texts?
Ah ha ha.
Do you buy them in $2 bookshops?
Urban you are wrong on so many facts.
Maybe you read websites made by people in Korea!!
Maclaren told him to f off and told him to wear these clothes vivian was making and he did.
I know the songs etc were his though.
Steve Strange could have played a hand in the beginning like creating a few flyers and getting a premises. I see what you mean, he did play a role in the movement. But Adam probably made others do it too. I mean, duran duran proably saw him n tele and thought okay guys, lets ditch this and do this instead.

Urban you are fast becoming the musical equivilant of George Bush.
i don't doubt your beliefs but your info is really poor in research.
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