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Originally Posted by .Tom. View Post
I don't often argue with these sort of posts but c'mon, that was hardly good discussion. They were mentioned briefly, and without musical comparison so there isn't much reason to dismiss a review for the mention of a few bands - which, in my opinion, is shallow anyway because tastes can differ, Biffy Clyro could easily appeal to fans of stated bands as much as it could appeal to people who aren't fans of those bands.

I don't mean to offend or anything, but it just seems discouraging for a new member to post a review just to have it dismissed by such a comment. Sorry if I annoyed you with that tirade. Maybe I'm just nit-picky.

Anyway, on topic: I really like this album. At first I found them pretty bland, but then I watched them live and was impressed. Puzzle's a really good, intricate album, definitely one of my favourites of 2007.
You have'nt offended me at all. Those bands do though, but I agree that is was a short reply HOWEVER I have been in PM with the reviewer a couple of times so no harm done. For the record I prefer Infinity Land to Puzzle. It's a lot rawer.

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