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Originally Posted by Rainard Jalen View Post
I never go to those sorts of festivals but I just read an article and supposedly, JAY-Z is headlining this year. The HELL? Jay-Z? He's not even hugely popular in the UK. It's the states where he's the big cheese. In Britain he's about a middle of the range act. Surely they coulda organized something better than that. It's so laughable it almost sounds like a deliberate attempt (although it isn't) to keep the numbers down. Oh well, what do others think about this? Do any people go regularly to fests like Glas?
who else will be there? Morrissey?
Originally Posted by swim View Post
America does folk, hardcore and mathrock better and that's 90% of what I give 2 shits on.
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sweet nothing openly flaunts the fact that he is merely the empty shell of an even more unadmirable member. his loneliness and need for attention bleeds through every letter he types. edit: i would just like to add that i'm ashamed that he's from texas. surely you didn't grow up in texas, did you sweet nothing?
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