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Originally Posted by ouatic View Post

Age: 24

Gender: female

Country of residence: US

What is your favorite genre of music?
this really depends upon what 'phase' i'm goin through, and is normally ever evolving, however currently i guess i would call it altcountry and folk, though i'm also listenin to alot of funk and classic rock

Do listen to music when doing certain activities (ie. working out, or studying)?
(if so, please list the activity)

i normally have my ipod on me at all times,......i listen to music while driving, cleaning/cooking at the house, when i'm just layin around reading, on the computer, running, in fact i think the only time i dont listen to music is while fishing,.....

If you answered yes for the question above, then what kind of music do you find yourself listening to when performing the activity?
depends on my mood

Do you find yourself listening to more of the 'music' in a song or the 'lyrics'?
first i hear the music, but if the lyrics dont hit me, i normally grow tired of it and it wont last long in rotation

Do you feel that you are/can be emotionally affected by the songs you listen to?
i dont know how i could NOT be affected

Do you have any strong memories that are attached to certain songs?

i do,......alot in fact,....i'll share a few:
neil young's old man is everything i've ever wanted to say to my dad, and i remember the exact moment i realized that

pam tillis' maybe it was memphis is an early 90s mainstream country song, but i'll always remember thats what the 'cover band' was playin when i danced with my first crush at the street dance during the county fair, i even remember what we both wore

mo money mo problems by biggie smalls was the song my best friend and i sang the whole time we were in glaveston for spring break our 8th grade year, that would end up being the last trip she and i would take together before her death

the night they drove ol dixie down - the band, is a song my mother and i used to sing when i was very little,....she would point to me and i would sing the chorus

i changed my mind; i changed my mind;now i'm feeling different

all that time, wasted
i wish i was a little more delicate
i wish my
i wish my
i wish my
i wish my
i wish my name was clementine - sarah jaffe
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