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Age: 19 (20 in May)

Gender: Male

Country of residence: New Zealand

What is your favorite genre of music? Progressive rock I guess.

Do listen to music when doing certain activities (ie. working out, or studying)?
(if so, please list the activity)
Studying, working out, reading forums

If you answered yes for the question above, then what kind of music do you find yourself listening to when performing the activity?

Studying: Sometimes I listen to music when studying... and usually music without or with little focus on words... Isis, Tangerine Dream etc. But I mainly listen to Bach - and it's not just because a few psychologists think that Baroque music is good for it. I choose Bach because I like it, it fits the above criteria and it's more balanced out than other classical... I love Rachmaninoff but I can't listen to that because there are both very quiet and loud parts. Turning up the volume to hear the quiet parts means that the loud parts are too loud!

Working Out: I can't really work out anymore due to chest problems, but I used to listen to something energetic like thrash or punk.

Foruming: I tend to listen to music I've already heard because I can't do justice to music I haven't heard before if I'm getting distracted by forums. I'd prefer to give my undivided attention to music I haven't heard.

Do you find yourself listening to more of the 'music' in a song or the 'lyrics'?
Definitely music... when I've heard the songs a couple of times then I'll begin paying attention to the lyrics. That is partially influenced by what I'm doing at the time. If I'm reading on forums, I pay even less attention to lyrics.

Do you feel that you are/can be emotionally affected by the songs you listen to?
Of course.

Do you have any strong memories that are attached to certain songs?
Yes, I tend to be very nostalgic.
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