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Default Tangerine Dream : King of Soundtracks

OK. Not strictly true but they have a pretty damn impressive list of soundtrack compositions to their name. I have always liked TD anyhow so their soundtracks are revered by myself. Here is what they have knocked out over their career:

77 SORCERER (3rd of 4 Germ prsngs has diff cover; Jap nsrt; 1st US CD in 94)
80 THIEF (US LP has "Confrontation"; 1st Germ LP has diff back cvr; Jap nsrt
83 WAVELENGTH (US & Jap rel only; 1st US LP cover is pink, 2nd is dark red)
RISKY BUSINESS (trax on New Zealand & 1st press UK LP total 3 mins less)
84 THE KEEP (premature rel. in 1984; *"Special Edition" releases in 97 & 00)
FLASHPOINT (UK LP: insrt & diff cover; UK pic disc;most HEAV M CDs rotted
FIRESTARTER (LP on MCA in 1984; CD on Varese Sarabande in 1992)
THE PARK IS MINE (released for the first time in 1992)
85 HEARTBREAKERS (German-only release, until 1995; then on CD on Silva)
86 LEGEND (Euro soundtrack & CD by Jerry Goldmsith; US sndtrck & CD* by TD)
87 CANYON DREAMS (1991 CD has diff mix & adds new track, "Colorado Dawn")
THREE O'CLOCK HIGH (only half is by TD)
NEAR DARK (US version has photo cover, UK & European have painted cover)
SHY PEOPLE (photo montage on US & German covers; boat photo on UK cover)
DEADLY CARE (released for the first time in 1992)
89 MIRACLE MILE (nsrt in Germ promo;no LP in US except for white label promo
DESTINATION BERLIN (Germ-only; made for wrld premiere of 360degree cinema
DEAD SOLID PERFECT (released for the first time in 1991)
CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (released for the first time in 1994)
90 L'AFFAIRE WALLRAFF (a/k/a THE MAN INSIDE) (French-only release [on EMI])
92 RUMPELSTILTSKIN (US in long-box w/ poster; Japanese has narration 2nd)
94 ZONING (video sndtrck; 1st rel. in 1996; w/ white tray & 12-page booklet)
97 OASIS (gold foil on 1st UK CD; clear tray; diff cover & bonus track in US
JIM & PABLO: DER METEOR (child's story dramatized in German; music by TD)
99 WHAT A BLAST (called ARCHITECTURE IN MOTION in US, with track 1 removed)

I must confess That I have'nt heard quite a few of these but standouts in clude: Near Dark, Thief and The Keep. All are great films with great soundtracks.

From THIEF soundtrack:

Anyone else dig TD? Anyone got any of these soundtracks?

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