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What is your favorite genre of music? ROCK...mostly hard, some metal, some soft. Pretty much I like everything except new jazz and elevator music.

Do listen to music when doing certain activities (ie. working out, or studying)?
(if so, please list the activity) At work of course. I wouldn't be able to function at the gym if I didn't have my MP3 player with me, and I have to have tunes when I'm driving or cleaning my house.

If you answered yes for the question above, then what kind of music do you find yourself listening to when performing the activity? Depends on my mood. I can tell you the first song I put on when I get to the gym is "For Those About to Rock" by AC/DC. It gets me pumped up and energized and wanting to kick some ass.

Do you find yourself listening to more of the 'music' in a song or the 'lyrics'? I can honestly say both. Very rarely will I find a song that I like purely for lyrics or music alone.

Do you feel that you are/can be emotionally affected by the songs you listen to? Yes, but I try not to let that get to me too much.

Do you have any strong memories that are attached to certain songs? sure...

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