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What is your favorite genre of music?
I ****ing hate the word "genre" its bull ****

Do listen to music when doing certain activities (ie. working out, or studying)?
(if so, please list the activity)

at work , when i work out , when I am on the bus, or not doing anything I have to say I spend at least 10 hours a day listening to music

If you answered yes for the question above, then what kind of music do you find yourself listening to when performing the activity?
I like to listen to "eye of the tiger" over and over again...

Do you find yourself listening to more of the 'music' in a song or the 'lyrics'?
music its all about the music if
Do you feel that you are/can be emotionally affected by the songs you listen to?

Do you have any strong memories that are attached to certain songs?

Yes, but most are too personal to list.

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