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pulled this from a forum on myspace:

"o.k. so the other day i’m hanging out with my friend and one of his friends. i’m wearing my CANNIBAL CORPSE burtchered at birth t-shirt(greatest shirt ever to wear in south phoenix), and i mentioned the song jumprope spraywater by BAD ACID TRIP. then my friend’s friend starts yelling at me about how i should only listen to one genre and how i can’t be talking about a band like BAD ACID TRIP while wearing a CANNIBAL CORPSE t-shirt . so i just wanted to know when these music nazis came about and what the **** is there problem"

i don't know why he didn't do it, but if i were him in that situation i would've beaten that guy's face in until it was as concave as i could possibly get it. seriously, how could you be that IGNORANT!!?
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