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Here are some playoff picks.

I like either the Celtics or the Pistons to win it all, because they both might sweep their first 2 series, and the West is so stacked, that I think all the teams will be worn out by the time they reach the Conference Finals.
I mean Dallas is a #7 seed, Dallas.
They have Dirk Nowitzki, Josh Howard, and Jason Kidd
I'm really proud of Houston, they made a lot of progress this year, but without Yao, this just isn't their year. It could be anyone from the West. I'll take whoever wins that San Antonio/Phoenix Suns series.
Utah-still too young, New Orleans-still too young, Denver-too young/old, Lakers-no Bynum, no ring, Dallas-had their shot 2 years ago, Orlando-still too young, Washington-can't believe they made in, great perimeter play, need better bigs, Cleveland-M.J. knows you can't do it all alone, Philadelphia-like the coach, not their year, Toronto-still too young, Atlanta-f*cking East, they've got some talent, but it's not happening.

I'll take the Celtics, look for some great play by old time pointguards:
Derek Fisher
Sam Cassell-he might be their difference maker
Mike Bibby
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