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you fucking moron. you clearly have no idea what that sort of music is about. believe it or not, people like this music NOT because it's "cool" to like something no one else knows about, but because they LIKE THE SOUND. WOW. for some reason, you can't seem to get your head around the idea that people have opinions, and that whether music is "good" or "bad" is subjective.

who do you think you are listening to ONE SONG by a band, and then telling me the basis of pretty much all the music I like is wrong because of some preconcieved notions YOU have about it? myself and many others don't ****ing listen to it because it's "cool". never once have i tried to look "cool" or more intelligent by name dropping any band - sure, there are some ****s who DO do that, but not enough for you to base such a huge attack on the whole genre. as well, never have i gone to the lengths you have, ever, to insult a whole genre or even a band to the extent that you are.

get the fuck over yourself you pretentious piece of shit.

PS: the sarcasm wasn't funny