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Originally Posted by boo boo View Post
In summary, Et Tu Brute has opened my eyes, music is meaningless and it has no purpose anymore except to be used as a font for "being cool". Nobody listens to bands they genuinely enjoy anymore, rather they pick out the crappiest obscure bands they can find so they can say "I'm hip, I hate all popular music and only like obscure stuff" and because you have made a habit out of mentioning the same talentless piece of crap bands over and over and over again that some poor saps are tricked into buying/downloading one of their albums, and they f*cking know it sucks but they pretend to love it so as not to seem like a douchebag to the person who recommended it to them, and because they want to be "cool", so these poor saps recommend the same bands to other poor souls who become trapped in this pointless cycle of "being hip" that goes on and on until eventually this godawful musical abomination against god somehow becomes popular.
How do you know if people actually like what they say they do? I know for a fact Et Tu Brute loved what they did whether you like it or not. Obviously they're not that obscure if 8 people voted for them on here even though we have a somewhat lacking emo forum and a number of people who voted for them aren't even emo forum regulars. It really seems to me that you're the pretentious one.
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