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Originally Posted by mr dave View Post
while it's true that anyone can create new music with the default presets and generic loop samples provided with 'composition' software. the vast majority of times (especially when created by people without knowledge or skill) it's complete and utter garbage that no one besides the author will voluntarily listen to a second time.
It wasn’t a long time ago, with the appearance of computers...
"...computers will never defeat humans in the game of chess..."
"...Robert Moog: a dangerous anarchist out to destroy music as we know it..."
There's no area of art, science... that hasn't been compared in this or any other similar way.
Now, try to imagine musicians today who had never used the computer or chess analysis without comp assistance or...

So what is my point here you ask?

A couple of days ago, I have started in this, as well as in some other popular and well visited forums, a new thread titled "Computer Generated Music Composition". The topic for general discussion was a question "Pro Et Contra" on subject: programs for virtual composing / virtual music composers.

Too often the feedback is the same as in the sentences above mentioned.

So, do we have to wait again for several more years before we admit to ourselves that computers have become an inevitable and helpful tool while composing music. Whether we like it or not, it is reality.
The human touch will never be replaced, but that does not neccessarily mean that it can not be pushed and helped by IT. IT can do it also!

Probably you'll say now: He's one of them (developer, author...). Yes, I'm one of them. But, I have never mentioned any fact which would point to it. So, it is not an advertising. I'm just curious about this topic...
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