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Originally Posted by TheUsed2lguy View Post
Who's cuter, Joey or Jordan?
I totally used to think that like, Jordan was the cutest, but then I found out he had like real bad social anxiety, and it totally took away from his mystique, or something.
Like, back off bitch...Joey's totally mine!

Seriously though, what makes them think this is a good idea? I thought they already tried this reunion thing a few years back, didn't they??? At any rate, they need to give it up. The fan girls who used to like them have matured and moved on to better music (hopefully), and they are too old too appeal to the current crop of middle-school aged girls who are into "boy bands". In fact, you can't even call them a boy band anymore...they are a middle-aged-men-trying-to-relive-a-long-dead-dream band.
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