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Like you even need to ask me...

Crowy is right in that Strangeways is the greatest depature as far as The Smiths have gone. Some songs were focused more in a glam style, they never did any songs like Death At One's Elbow, they too layering to a new level on Death Of A Disco Dancer, the first track doesn't even have guitars. One of the singles was Last Night for christ sakes...
And Meat Is Murder is their most accessible album, to me at least. I loved it from the off.

The Smiths to me were very one dimensional. "I'm so shy and socially akward boo hoo". The Smiths is something you listen to when you're depressed, now I actually do like The Smiths, but I have to be in that sh*tty mood to really enjoy them, same with Joy Division.
People who think The Smiths are depressing are very far off. Enjoy it anyway you want, but their music is uplifting if anything. I Know Its Over is seen as the main culprit, but any fool who actually listened to it will come out of it uplifted, its one of their most passionate and rousing songs, easily. As for most for their others, they're bouncy pop songs. Boo hoo my arse, they're something to celebrate.

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