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Originally Posted by boo boo View Post
The Smiths to me were very one dimensional. "I'm so shy and socially akward boo hoo". The Smiths is something you listen to when you're depressed, now I actually do like The Smiths, but I have to be in that sh*tty mood to really enjoy them, same with Joy Division.
Yeh, because songs like Panic are really depressing , and Joy Division?
Originally Posted by swim View Post
America does folk, hardcore and mathrock better and that's 90% of what I give 2 shits on.
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sweet nothing openly flaunts the fact that he is merely the empty shell of an even more unadmirable member. his loneliness and need for attention bleeds through every letter he types. edit: i would just like to add that i'm ashamed that he's from texas. surely you didn't grow up in texas, did you sweet nothing?
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