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I'm going to listen now. I guess I'll be the first to start the in rainbows comparison/discussion. While waiting for this to download I read through some reviews, seems like more of an album for fans then first time NINers. I'm hearing alot of "Well its the best you can expect since its free" type comments that I never heard about In Rainbows (I'm aware you could pay but for the sake of discussion lets say it was free.) But on the other hand I'm also hearing its freeness as a cause for the music being better...Which I find kind of interesting. I guess all those it could've been a bad album and had the same effect type comments weren't as true as everyone thought. Maybe its just a simple case of Radiohead being much more relevant than NIN but I think if this the future route of music its going to call for a slight step up in quality to avoid the free stigma or maybe on the other side of things it will be cause for a step-down in quality because bands think they can get away with it.
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