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Originally Posted by musiclover3210 View Post
It depends on what kind of music your into. Because really, any instrument can be beautiful depending on who is listening.
My opinion is you shouldn't decide what instrument you want to play, you need to decide what music you want to play. If you want to play Mozart, or Brahms, then definitely piano(in my opinion). If you want to be playing Country, or Beetles, then go guitar. If you like marches, or just having a beat, get a snare drum and work your way to a drum set. I do think you should start with one of those three. If you want classical, learn to read music, then decide if you want to do more. if you want more modern popular music, then you need something you can play alone (unless you have people to play with, then by all means, go with bass, or something less known)

vocals is always something to consider as well. a good way to bring music to your life is to join your church's choir, or to find a local community center with music programs. Marching bands are fun too.
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