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This album marks the point in The Clash's career when they made the transition from punk rock to a more Raggae/Ska based sound. While, I, myself am not a fan of The Clash's decision to experiment witho ther genres, and wish they would have done more punk rock in their later career, actually enjoyed this album very much. When they did a genre on this album, they did it damn well.

The album starts with London Calling, a friggin' epic song. The lyrics are well written and apocalyptic. I love the beat, and I dig the bass. It's pretty much a combination of everything The Clash ever did. It's a punk song, with a raggae bass line, and an almost swingy beat. Probably my favorite track on the album.

The next song is a cover of Vince Taylor's Brand New Cadillac. I must admit, I haven't heard the original, but I don't care. I love this song. It's fifties rock 'n' roll mixed with The Clash's punk rock sound. I especially love the part when the song picks up and gets angrier (as in gets faster, thicker, and the vocals get more passionate). Love it.

Rudie Can't Fail is one of the best examples of The Clash experimenting with genres and doing it well. It's a catchy ska song that makes excellent use of a horn section.

Clampdown is reminiscent of The Clash's older work, but brings a more hard rock feel to punk rock. Like Brand New Cadillac, it has a part that picks up and it gets angrier. They did an amazing job on it. The song is catchy as hell.

Other notable songs include the raggae influenced (and the latter is all out raggae) Koka Kola and The Guns Of Brixton, Wrong Em' Boyo (an amazing track), and the rock songs I'm Not Down (love the bass line) and Death Or Glory.

Train In Vain, however is considered to be among The Clash's best songs. That one doesn't do it for me. It's boring, and extremely repetative
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And was never even supposed to be on the album.

Overall it's an awesome album. A very good showcase of The Clash's sound. Their later experimentation with different genres was nowhere near as good as it is on this album. This is one of the definitive rock albums.

Edit: Sorry, I was writing this when you posted all that. Apologies.

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