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Originally Posted by ComingUpRoses View Post
Dont worry, my review was pretty much ignored as well. The only song I've heard is Handlebars, only because my friend insists on singing it everyday of her life. I like how the song progresses to more serious topics, considering it starts off "I can ride my bike with no handlebars"

Good review, though.
I think its not about how great he is for doing that, I think its more a positivity thing, juxtaposing these two ostensibly uncorrelated events there by saying they are to be viewed as equally difficult or more accurately, equally achievable.

You might think its cheesy or preachy or...

Originally Posted by RezZ View Post
I heard the song Handlebars. It sucked so badly i couldnt believe.

Sorry to those who like it, but that was ****in dumb.
yeah or even ****ing dumb but I suspect most gave it about 5 seconds worth of attention, wrote it off as a bad Papa Roach and went on dancing to their tuneless blather but its was great in concept and I can't say enough for the musicality of the song. Its builds to a beautiful crescendo and to me has always come off as some sort of musical piece.
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