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Default About this section

First off, since theres been some complainers, let me explain why I feel this sub-forum is appropriate. It always seems to me that the main Rock and Metal forum is more geared to modern music, the problem with prog/classic rock related threads is that they are either ignored or they attract flamers. So a sub-forum is good for providing these threads with more space, where they will be easier to notice, and less likely to attract trolls, making for more civil, friendly discussions. Now...

Heres a breakdown of what kinda music I think is suitable for this thread.

Classic rock would be just about anything from the 60s or 70s that has a mainstream following that dosen't fall into more specific categories (metal, punk, alternative, etc), this would include

-Older hard rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Rush.
-AOR bands like Journey and Foreigner.
-British invasion bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who and The Kinks.
-70s pop oriented rock like Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, The Eagles and Todd Rundgren. As well as power pop like Cheap Trick.
-Glam rock and art rock. Like David Bowie, Roxy Music and Queen.
-Folk rock that isn't quite folk enough for the folk section and has a classic rock appeal. Like Neil Young and The Byrds.
-Southern and roots rock like Lynyrd Skynyrd, CCR and Dire Straits.
-Heartland rock or whatever its called. Stuff like Springsteen, Petty, Mellencamp, etc.
-Blues rock like Eric Clapton.

Psychedelic rock would include.

-Early Psychdelic/Garage bands like 13th Floor Elevators.
-San Francisco scene bands like The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Quicksilver Messenger Service.
-LA bands like Love, The Doors and United States of America.
-Psychedelic bands who were influencial to progressive rock like The Moody Blues, Vanilla Fudge, Arthur Brown and Syd era Pink Floyd.
-Heavy blues based rock fused with psychedelia, like Hendrix and Cream.
-Jam bands like Phish and Ween.

I think stuff like stoner rock is more fitting for the main rock and metal section. Freak folk or psychedelic folk is more fitting for the folk section.

And finally teh prog. Would include.

-Symphonic prog, the kind most associated with prog. Early KC, Yes, Genesis, ELP, Gentle Giant, VDGG, etc. As well as Italian Symphonic Prog like Premiata Forneria Marconi.
-Space rock or psychedelic prog. Stuff like Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Eloy and Ozric Tentacles.
-Prog folk like Jethro Tull, The Strawbs and Comus.
-Canterbury sound. Bands from the Canterbury, Kent scene like Gong, Caravan and Soft Machine.
-Krautrock/Electronic Prog like Can, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno.
-Modern heavy progressive rock like The Mars Volta, Tool and Porcupine Tree.
-RIO/Avant garde influenced rock like Frank Zappa, Mr Bungle and Henry Cow.
-Neo/Retro prog like Spocks Beard and Flower Kings.
-Zeuhl bands like Magma.
-Prog with world music elements. Such as Raga prog like Shakti and Oriental influenced prog like Jade Warrior.
-Progressive rock with a more mainstream classic rock oriented sound. Such as Supertramp, Kansas and Styx.

I don't know about Prog-Jazz like Mahavishnu Orchestra, thats a tough one, could go into the Jazz section.

Prog metal is a fuzzy area, so for now I'll say it dosen't matter if you choose to post prog metal threads in the sub-forum or just in the main Rock and Metal forum, it could go either way. I personally think its more appropriate for the main forum.

Another fuzzy area is post/math rock. While post rock and math rock could be considered prog, such bands are more appropriate for the Indie section.

So there, thats broad enough isn't it?
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