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Originally Posted by 655321 View Post
i believe capitalism is a necessary evil in america, but i dont believe in anarcho-capitalism if any form of anarchy were to work i believe it would be a sort of anarcho-communism
No it wouldn't. It would last for like two seconds. Somebody could easily take over an anarcho-socialist community because everyone in the community would be somewhat poor.

I'd think that was cool if I was 15.

When you grow up and have mommy and daddy problems you get a better understanding of why you need government for anything to work in a fashion we know it to now.
Did you read any of the links I posted because you seem like that kind of a person who believes that anarchism is always utopian and a thought of the young people.

Yeah, I don't think you read it seeing you didn't state any specific problems. Anarcho-capitalism is not anti-government. It is anti-state. There would be a sort of governing force under anarcho-capitalism, just not one like we have. That is why you need to read my resources.
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