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Originally Posted by bsmix View Post
'Astral weeks' or 'Sweet Thing'. The violins ending each line in the second half of Sweet Thing are such a cool touch. Is he admitting he is a pedophile in 'Cypress Avenue'? "Nobody, no, no, no, nobody stops me from loving you baby/ So young and bold, fourteen years old"
Never heard anyone interpret it that way, Cypress avenue is a place from his childhood and that line could be about him or the girl in the song.

A lot of people interpret Astral Weeks as a work of fiction played out in song style. Madame Geroge is supposedly about S&M and a transvestite protagonist.

Personally I think people read too much into things sometimes. Van likes to stuff a lot of information into a single line and stretch another line or single word for all it has. His music has predominantly been about, Love, spirit and faith and my guess is Astral Weeks main story line is such.

The violins kick in after the line "I shall drive my chariot down your streets and cry" and I agree it's a very dramatic moment and one that stands out for me as well.
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