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Originally Posted by Laughing Boy View Post
I definitely wasn't referring to the mods. Take the radiohead thread for instance. I agreed with what ProggyMan/Slint/etc were all saying so I came in and counter-argued with the dp dude and then what happens? ProggyMan/Slint/etc turn around and start arguing with me. Seriously what the fuck? I repeat this site is too goddamn cliquey.
Well as you will learn people on this forum (like most) are EXTREMELY opinionated and usually looking to be right.

Even i am like that at times, but like now and most other times to lazy.

As long as you honestly try to intelligently defend your stance none is "against" you.

edit: and hey give it another chance. i would love if you did, considering you actually intelligently post unlike 50% who come by.
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