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Originally Posted by bsmix View Post
I definitely see what you mean contrasting this with Astral Weeks... these songs are much more individual. I've never been a big fan of brass though and there is alot. Moondance doesn't seem like a hit at all, that's weird it was so successful. I like 'Into the Mystic' and 'Caravan' and the classical sounding piano in 'Brand New Day'. And that bass in 'Glad Tidings' is catchy and draws you in, that was an awesome surprise for a last song.
I'm so glad your diving into this music, I really appreciate your input. I'm guessing you favor Astral Weeks overall, but I'll ask anyway, It's the classic "Van the Man Fan" argument. Moondance or Astral Weeks? Also would it be interested if later on down the line in this thread I revisit the argument with another post contrasting the two featuring quotes from critics, musicians, fans and Van himself?

Thanks again!
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