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Originally Posted by 15Steps View Post
A headbutt's out of the question then?

Originally Posted by 15Steps View Post
now he thinks that we are like best friends now, and he somehow acquired my phone number, and myspace account and whatnot, and keeps nagging me about hanging out with him. i really dont want to, hes just not the type of person i could have fun with. but me being the "nice person i am" i couldnt just tell him to go away, it would kill him.
(i am a guy btw)
Ring his house constantly and at daft times, like 3am in the morning.
Tell him you can hear his voice in your head and you can't sleep because of it.
Tell him to stop doing it and that if he wants his parents dead that much, tell him to kill them himself.
In the morning at school, act like nothing happened.
Do this for a week.
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