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Originally Posted by littleknowitall View Post
Those two things co-incide with each other, the bass generally is a very percussive instrument that I have found to be dumbed down in the world of modern music.
To completely dismiss an entire technique is a bit absurd really, I try to encompass every technique a bass has to offer because where as most people make the mistake of invisioning this instrument being simple to play there's a vast choice of techniques you can use when playing the bass and the slap and pop technique is not only a very popular one but when played right is probably the best technique a bass has to offer in my mind, it seperates bass from any other instrument realistically, except for those poncy percussion acoustic guitarists. It also can be played in many mamy many different ways, It can be agressive but can also be quite soft and melodic (believe it or not). It's a very complex and unique technique that can produce some beautifull pieces when played right.
Point taken, but for me, I just hate it, (Before you ask, I played sessions for 10 years, so have the technique down to a decent standard), it leaves me cold, and seemingly a majority of bass players below 40 have jumped on the bandwagon, to the detriment of melody and harmony.
Personally, I don't think Flea is that great a player, and certainly shouldn't deserve a mention in the same breath as Jaco, Billy Sheehan, Jack Bruce, etc.
(Bet that rattles some cages!)
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