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Originally Posted by Double X View Post
Thanks. I am thinking of buying 'Bringing Down The Horse'. That would be their best album, no? Some of the previews remind me of 'All Things Must Pass'.
Bringing Down The Horse is their most popular. I'm not sure if it is that I've heard it to many times or what, but I think Rebel, Sweetheart is, while having less commercial value, a superior album. But I would say both are great.

I bought Breach, but I was disappointed by it. Most of the songs are very similar, and there wasn't much rock about it, other than "Some Flowers Bloom Dead", "Letters From The Wasteland", and a couple more songs.

I rank the albums like this:

1. Rebel, Sweetheart (2005)
2. Bringing Down The Horse (1996)
3. Red Letter Days (2002)
4. Breach (2000)
5. S/T (1992)
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